Templatekit’s Jinja extensions

Templatekit provides several custom Jinja extensions that you can use to process content in your templates. To use these extensions, remember to enable them by adding templatekit.TemplatekitExtension to the _extensions array in your template’s cookiecutter.json file:

  "_extensions": ["templatekit.TemplatekitExtension"]

If the _extensions field doesn’t already exist, you can add it. For more information, see Template extensions in the Cookiecutter documentation.


This filter to escapes content that you add to double-quoted string fields in a YAML file. Consider this YAML template:

my_field: "{{ cookiecutter.my_variable | escape_yaml_doublequoted }}"

The escape_yaml_doublequoted filter escapes double quote (") and backslash (\) characters. For example, if the value of my_variable is Hello "world" \ Bonjour!, the rendered YAML will be:

my_field: "Hello \"world\" \\ Bonjour!"